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Surprisingly easy driving The driving experience is surprisingly easy for such a big vehicle. The controls are as light and easy as those of an average sized car, while the driver sits high with a good all-round view.
2.2-liter turbodiesel Note that the popular 2.2-liter turbodiesel engine provides a great blend of muscular performance and fuel efficiency.
Plenty of flexibility The Viano normally has eight seats, which can simply be used to transport up to eight people and their luggage in luxury somewhat akin to business class travel. There’s plenty of flexibility on offer though: those seats can be rearranged, removed, folded and changed, all thanks to Mercedes easy and clever seat-rail system.
Mercedes-Benz Viano 7 seats

The Viano's interior has been designed with a premium level of comfort and relaxation in mind. The vehicle's seats have been ergonomically designed and provide travelers with maximum comfort even on the longest journeys. Normally equipped to seat seven, the Viano can be fitted with an additional seat if it is needed, offering space for up to eight passengers. During inclement weather, adverse road conditions or abrupt braking, a vehicle can quickly begin to skid, but not in a Viano. The latest generation electronic stability program works in partnership with the electronic brake force distribution to restore stability in hazardous driving situations.


In order to accommodate as many as eight passengers, the Viano must be able to adapt to driving conditions while carrying a lot of weight. Thanks to the vehicle's newly developed suspension, this is done with ease. Front and rear axles have been designed and include re-tuned dampers, re-engineered torsion bars, bearings and transverse links. These developments have made the Viano's handling precise and predictable while drastically improving the quality of the ride, whether it's filled with passengers and luggage or is only occupied by the driver.

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Arranging transportation for an upcoming business trip or vacation can be difficult if you are trying to accommodate more than seven people. Auto Europe can help you not only fit everyone in one vehicle, but also look stylish while doing it! Choose to rent a Mercedes Viano on your next trip and navigate the roadways of your host city in the lap of luxury. Design changes to the Viano have ensured that this latest model is more unique and eye-catching than ever! An expressive new front section has a restyled radiator grille that incorporates three silver painted slats with chrome strips that is complimented by redesigned headlamps that feature Mercedes signature arched shape. These headlamps feature state of the art cornering functions and help with enhanced visibility, making driving in an unfamiliar city a breeze.

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