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NEW GENERATION OF MINIVAN n addition, another one or two seats can be located in the Volkswagen Multivan T5 saloon, which also moves in the longitudinal direction, if you wish you can deploy 180 degrees if seated on them want to be facing the passengers of the rear sofa
INCREDIBLE VAN Like the rest of the seats, swivel chairs have three-point seat belts. Volkswagen in this respect always scrupulously approached this issue.
HIGH LEVEL SAFETY All the seat belts are fixed on the backs of the seats in the T5, this required an increase in the stiffness of the seats But now no one is confused in the seat belts, which are usually fixed on the racks and during the transformation of the cabin are constantly out of reach.
Volkswagen Multivan T5 Volkswagen Multivan T5 - is an excellent choice

he rear sofa can be expanded completely, thus turning the cabin of the minivan into a bedroom, and in the process of folding it is not necessary to remove the headrests — they themselves enter inside.


It can be moved in the longitudinal direction, as well as the angle of inclination of its back. Each of the passengers has a three-point seat belt, and a special shelf for storing small items under the seat.

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Rent minibus Volkswagen Multivan T5

Opportunities for salon transformation are its thing of minivans and the Volkswagen Multivan T5 strives to be the best at this. Constructive feature of the model is the seats in the cabin are fixed on the "rails", which provide a stepless movement.

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