Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 907

Rent van Mercedes Sprinter 907 from 14$

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1 h City transfer Airport transfer 10 h
20 32 60 150

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Large lauggage vault 19-seats Sprinter 907 -- best solution with huge luggage journey
VIP Best economy offer
NAMY FEATURES Many features for your comfort journey
Mercedes Benz VIP Sprinter 907 2020 year
  • window curtains
  • entranse with front door
  • snowy-white
  • modern
  • personal air conditioning
  • enlarged space for passenger legs
  • adjustable seats
  • spacious luggage area
  • additional air conditioning system
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Order a minibus Mercedes Sprinter 907

We offer you an order for transport services with one of the most popular minibuses in Minsk - Mercedes Sprinter 907! Renting a minibus Mercedes Sprinter with a driver from the "vipMercedes" company in Minsk means ease of movement and tangible cost savings. Having placed an order for Mercedes Sprinter 907, you can rent a comfortable minibus for a very low price.

At the moment, the Mercedes Sprinter Classic is produced in two lengths:

Average wheelbase - in passenger version from 6 to 10 passengers + luggage compartment. Our company can offer for rent, ordering a Mercedes Sprinter in an average base for 6-10 passenger seats, a newer model - Mercedes Sprinter.

Long wheelbase - passenger version from 19 people + luggage compartment - "Tourist" option. Up to 21 seats - the "Minibus" option, with such a layout there is no luggage compartment (it has a rear row of seats) and small cramped seats are placed with a very small distance between the rows.

The "vipMercedes" company can offer for rent, ordering minibuses with the "Tourist" cabin layout in a long base for 16 passengers + a large luggage compartment; Minibuses Mercedes Sprinter 907 are equipped with soft seats with adjustable backrests and two-point seat belts; all seats are installed with a landing in the direction of travel; Heating system - front + separate in the passenger compartment; Air conditioning - 10 kilowatts with a front evaporator + a separate one for the passenger compartment. Security systems: ABS (anti-lock braking system); ASR (traction control rear axle skid prevention).

According to the policy of the founders, there are no minibuses in the company's fleet intended exclusively for use on city routes and non-residents who drive them. Therefore, we will not be able to offer you an order for a Mercedes Sprinter 907 minibus for 22 herrings in a barrel, since you can experience all the emotions from renting a twenty-two local bus station by driving any minibus.

The goal of our work in the passenger transportation market is to ensure the comfort of our customers, good reviews, and, accordingly, recommendations.
The cost of renting a minibus Mercedes Sprinter 907 - 15 $

Having booked a Mercedes Sprinter 907 rental with a driver, you will be satisfied with the quality of our company's service. Rent a minibus with a driver Mercedes Sprinter is very popular. The huge volume of the luggage compartment will allow you not to puzzle over what to take with you from your things - everything will fit. Convenient and wide-opening car doors make boarding and disembarking passengers as easy as possible. The seats can be adjusted to a comfortable position for the passenger. Renting a Mercedes Sprinter 907 series is a balanced, successful decision. Mercedes Sprinter 907 is unpretentious, without any frills, but at the same time comfortable, great for small tourist groups, and, importantly, the rental price is affordable for everyone.

If you need to rent a minibus for: Tourist trip; Meeting guests; Airport transfer; Delivery of company employees; A wedding or any other celebration - renting a Mercedes Sprinter 907 is perfect for these purposes! Just let us know the date and time of your trip.

Renting a minibus Mercedes Sprinter with a driver certainly deserves your attention! Compare prices for minibus rental in Minsk and be pleasantly surprised with our offer. We will be glad if our cooperation becomes an easy solution to your problems.

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