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Fiber-optic ambient lighting Fiber-optic ambient lighting for the dashboard, footwells, and other areas.
Heated and Active-Ventilated seats Heated and Active-Ventilated seats, with heating elements for warming the seats and small fans to keep the seats cool and draw perspiration away from occupants.
Tele Aid Tele Aid, uses GPS tracking and cell phone service to provide assistance. Can be used for information, to call for roadside assistance, or to call for help in emergencies. Automatically calls for help if an air bag or seatbelt tensioner deploys.
Safety The W221 S-Class contains a large number of features designed to improve safety for the driver and passengers. Many of the features are evolutions of previous Mercedes developments, such as Brake Assist and Pre-Safe. A short list is presented below.
Comfort and convenience
  • Airmatic DC - air suspension, similar to the system fittted to the W211 E-Class, uses air springs and adaptive electronic control to sense road and driving conditions and produce a firm or soft ride.
  • Distronic Plus - optional, a development of the Distronic system fitted to earlier models. Uses more radar systems (long- and short-wave) and improved control logic to detect vehicles ahead and adjust the vehicle's speed to maintain a driver-set distance behind the car in front. The system has more authority over the vehicle than previous Distronic iterations, and can bring the vehicle to a complete stop if necessary, unlike the previous versions.
  • Drive-Dynamic seats with massage - optional, an evolution of the system fitted to many other Mercedes models, uses air bladders in the seat bolsters to support the driver during cornering. Also, other air bladders provide a four-mode massage function to front-seat passengers.
The W221 S-Class features
  • Brake Assist Plus - an optional system designed to apportion brake pressure based on pedal speed and distance between the car and objects. This is an evolution of the Brake Assist system found on earlier models, and uses the vehicle's radar, in addition to the usual Brake Assist's monitoring of pedal depression speed, to apply power brake boost as required. This requires the optional adaptive cruise control's radar, so in vehicles not equipped with the latter, standard Brake Assist is substituted.
  • Pre-Safe - a development of the previous Pre-Safe system fitted to the W220 S-Class, which uses vehicle-dynamic sensors to predict collisions, the W221's system also takes into account closing speed, as measured by the vehicle's radar. If a collision appears likely, Pre-Safe closes all windows and the sunroof, moves all passenger's seats and their head restraints to a safer position, and tightens the seatbelts.
  • Electronic Stability Program (ESP) - similar to the systems fitted to other Mercedes vehicles, this system measures driver inputs and compares these to the vehicle's path. If these diverge, ESP brakes single wheels selectively to eliminate oversteer (fishtailing) and understeer (plowing), and reduces engine power, if necessary.
  • Night View Assist - optional, uses two near-infrared (NIR) illuminators mounted in the headlamp clusters and a sensor in the windshield. The infrared beams are picked up by the sensor and an image is displayed in the instrument cluster. Mercedes-Benz claims that this system provides the same viewable distance as high-beam headlights, without blinding oncoming motorists.
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